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Welcome to 821 Apps

The goal of 821 Apps is to develop engaging and personal interactions that appear lively and animated. Clarity and intuitiveness are at the forefront of our design process. We personally believe that the depths of an application should never overwhelm the user, but should be managed in such a way that transitioning in levels of familiarity creates increased abilities and productivity.

- Grant Emerson

Our Apps


The World's Most Customizable Synthesizer


An open-source bluetooth driven hotspot

Aerial Lights

The most customizable, educational, and immersive fireworks simulator for iOS

Engrave It

A unique photo editing app that allows you to engrave your photos into a plethora of materials‚Äč

AR Kick Drum

A unique recreation of the kick drum in an augmented reality app

Verse Saver

A simple and easy way to save and organize verses that are important to you

Multi Mic

The simplest and most powerful multi track recorder for iOS devices

Epic Skies

A social media app for sharing all your favorite sunsets, sunrises, or other beautiful skies


Matrix simulator clock app
for Apple TV